Christopher B, Liverpool

Julia’s photography workshop was absolutely fantastic. The opportunity to visit a museum with someone who doesn’t just know a great deal about photography, but also about the artefacts in the collection itself was invaluable. As well as providing a fantastic insight and practical experience working with cameras in the low-light conditions of the museum, the workshop was an opportunity to take a closer look at some of the objects that are easily missed in the gallery.

The workshop isn’t just about getting your camera settings right, or learning museum photography etiquette – Julia has a natural eye for taking photographs from unusual angles and experimenting with depth-of-field and focus. It’s these insights that are priceless – while a website might be able to explain the basics of (for example) the exposure triangle or how to set your white balance, Julia provides an invaluable tutorial in taking photographs in museum conditions that aren’t just technically proficient, but that capture something truly artistic about the objects, the display and the environment of the galleries.

The workshop was not only a fascinating and engaging experience, but also incredibly fun! Julia is friendly, charismatic and patient, and a genuine pleasure to work with. I intend to book more photography sessions with Retrograde Photography, and can’t wait for the next one!