Liverpool’s Egyptian-revival architecture: a photographer’s tour

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The month of May is Photo Month, and as part of the month in 2018, I shared on Facebook and Twitter photos of Egyptian-revival architecture around Liverpool. The posts were popular, so I’ve put them all together here. For those interested in photographing them, I’ve included extra information on how I photographed them.

Although we don’t have anything as grand as the Carreras Cigarette Factory in London or the Egyptian House in Penzance, we do have a few gems up here in Liverpool. I’m going to start my tour up at the top of the hill at the University of Liverpool and work my way on down (in a slightly wiggly way) to the Waterfront.

If you want to follow the trail, I’d advise you to take a longer lens or a zoom lens as many of these spots are at least at first-floor level. However, do pack your wide-angle in case you want to grab some broader shots of the buildings in general.

If you’re not in Liverpool, or not interested in the photography aspect, just enjoy the photos and skip the sections about how to photograph the buildings.… Read More

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