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Hi, I’m Julia. Welcome to Retrograde Photography, a project in which I’m attempting to explore ancient Egypt from a photographic perspective.

I’m a photographer with a degree in Egyptology … or … is that an Egyptologist with a flair for photography? Hmmmm … either is good, I guess.

Anyway, I have a bit of a thing for ancient Egypt and a bit of a thing for photography. And here’s the place where my two passions come together.

I’m working with local collections, photographing Egyptian artefacts in a more artistic, and less ‘clinical’ way, than you might often see online. I’m also picking out small but fascinating details from these ancient pieces by getting up-close and personal.

Take the photo below, for instance. It’s a detail from a carving of the goddess Hathor on display at the Garstang Museum of Archaeology. This part’s only a couple of inches tall, but with my macro lens, I can get right up-close-and-personal to these beautiful little details.

A traditional ancient Egyptian carved face

I’ve been working with the Garstang Museum of Archaeology in Liverpool for over a year now, creating beautiful images of their amazing collection. You can buy prints of some of these objects in my online store, or have a read of my blog to keep up to date with my ongoing projects with the Garstang.

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In the spotlight: an Osirian triad amulet
with 2 Comments

On 19 July 2018, my photography session at the Garstang was a Tiny Egypt one. Feeling a bit like a child at Christmas, I took a box of amulets into the imaging suite and dug in.… Read More

Liverpool’s Egyptian-revival architecture: a photographer’s tour
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The month of May is Photo Month, and as part of the month in 2018, I shared on Facebook and Twitter photos of Egyptian-revival architecture around Liverpool. The posts were popular, so I’ve put them all together here. For those interested in photographing them, I’ve included extra information on how I photographed them.

Although we don’t have anything as grand as the Carreras Cigarette Factory in London or the Egyptian House in Penzance, we do have a few gems up here in Liverpool. I’m going to start my tour up at the top of the hill at the University of Liverpool and work my way on down (in a slightly wiggly way) to the Waterfront.

If you want to follow the trail, I’d advise you to take a longer lens or a zoom lens as many of these spots are at least at first-floor level. However, do pack your wide-angle in case you want to grab some broader shots of the buildings in general.

If you’re not in Liverpool, or not interested in the photography aspect, just enjoy the photos and skip the sections about how to photograph the buildings.… Read More

Photo month 2018: looking for YOUR photos
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The merry month of May is Photo Month (who knew that was a thing!). I’d love to use this month to ask you to start sharing your photos with me. Sometimes I get a bit bored of hearing myself talk about my photography all the time, so I want all you lovely people to get involved and get the conversation going about photography and Egyptology.

Whether you’re a professional Egyptologist, an enthusiast with a mobile phone, or a photographer who’s looking for a quick, fun project, all are welcome. I want to get you thinking about your photography, what you’re photographing, how you’re doing it, and how you can inject a bit fun and creativity into your photography.… Read More

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