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Hi, I’m Julia. Welcome to Retrograde Photography, a project in which I’m attempting to explore ancient Egypt from a photographic perspective.

I’m a photographer with a degree in Egyptology … or … is that an Egyptologist with a flair for photography? Hmmmm … either is good, I guess.

Anyway, I have a bit of a thing for ancient Egypt and a bit of a thing for photography. And here’s the place where my two passions come together.

I’m working with local collections, photographing Egyptian artefacts in a more artistic, and less ‘clinical’ way, than you might often see online. I’m also picking out small but fascinating details from these ancient pieces by getting up-close and personal.

Take the photo below, for instance. It’s a detail from a carving of the goddess Hathor on display at the Garstang Museum of Archaeology. This part of the carving’s only a couple of inches tall, but with my macro lens, I can get right up-close-and-personal to these beautiful little details.

A traditional ancient Egyptian carved face

The most recent work I’ve been doing is some photography for the Book of the Dead exhibition at the Garstang Museum, which I’ve posted updates about in the blog. I’ll be adding some image galleries soon, and hopefully be offering some prints for sale, too.

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Latest from the Blog

Book of the Dead exhibition at the Victoria Gallery and Museum
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The Book of the Dead exhibition has now moved over from the Garstang to their sister museum, the Victoria Gallery and Museum. It opened on 21 October, and I went along with my girls in its first week to have a nose and see how it’s worked out.… Read More

Update from the Garstang: a Tate Workshop and a new video
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It’s been a busy time of late.

Firstly, I wanted to share some exciting news with you. The Garstang has put in a successful bid for a week-long workshop at the Tate Liverpool (eek!). The workshop is based around the Book of the Dead exhibition, but will be art-focused, without the artefacts. It’ll feature my photography and the art of Leigh Gallagher, a comic-book artist. It’s running from 4–10 December, and I’ll be doing a photography workshop or two for it (details to come). Roland Enmarch will also be doing a couple of talks on the Book of the Dead and Egyptian funerary beliefs, and Leigh, I believe, will be doing some workshops as well.… Read More

Update from the Garstang: Predynastic pots and the Festival of Archaeology
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My last session at the Garstang was another busy one. As well as getting on with more artefact photography, the museum was hosting a talk by Roland Enmarch on the Book of the Dead as part of the UK’s annual Festival of Archaeology.… Read More

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